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DISTINGUISHED BEVERAGE CONCEPT Premium beverages premium memories…
Our menu of premium spirits, selected to complement the gourmet cuisine of Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, invites those who love to savour to an immersive experience. We offer you drinks that are carefully crafted, matured over many years and skilfully prepared in every sip.
Celebrate every moment of the day.
You can find distinguished examples from all over the world in our beverage menu, which we have carefully created to spend a pleasant holiday, accompany gourmet flavours and celebrate your most special moments.   
The magic of tea with Ole Buddrus: Signature cocktails
World-renowned mixologist Ole Buddrus creates unique signature cocktails by combining the traditional flavour of tea and modern cocktail culture. Transforming each sip into a journey of pleasure, these special cocktails offer an unforgettable feast for anyone in search of different flavours.
Trace the perfection in every sip.
Вина, специально произведенные из редчайших сортов винограда на виноградниках, виски, вдохновленные мистическими пейзажами Шотландии, раки - многовековая традиция Анатолии, креативные миксы и многое другое... В рамках концепции Collection к вашим услугам наше меню напитков, каждое из которых создано из самых особенных образцов своего сегмента, бесплатно.
Are you ready for a brand new holiday with pleasant privileges in Side?

Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection awaits you with its modern architecture, comfortable rooms, gourmet restaurants and delightful privileges.

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