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A peaceful Side vacation designed with stylish details.

Soul Vibes with Selen Beytekin

16 June - 25 July - 9 August - 13 September

Wellness Vibes with Noyan Dülek
Wellness Vibes with Noyan Dülek

May 17 - June 16 - July 20 - August 17 - September 8

I-Rec Certified

Renewable Energy Certificate


I-Rec Certified
Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism
Sustainability Policy


Sustainable Tourism
Main Sponsor of Side Ancient City Excavations

Main Sponsor of Side Ancient City Excavations


Main Sponsor of Side Ancient City Excavations
Welcome to the place where the story of Barut Hotels begins.

Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, first opened in 1971 as a 36-room accommodation facility, is now a creative, elegant and inspiring hotel that has left half a century behind. Discover a delightful holiday designed with privileges and the rich history of the ancient city of Side at Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, which was rebuilt in 2015 to its present splendour.

Discover the mesmerising beauties of Side.
There is a lot to discover in and around Side, one of Turkey's most important holiday destinations with its deep blue sea, unique beaches, magnificent ancient cities and natural beauties.
UNLIMITED PRIVILEGES There is more for everyone on holiday.

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Are you ready for a brand new holiday with pleasant privileges in Side?

Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection awaits you with its modern architecture, comfortable rooms, gourmet restaurants and delightful privileges.

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